About Us

In the beginning, a guy smoking cigarettes
on a horse was apex brand methodology.

As the era of brand mythology crashes into our brave new world of brand reality, Thomas Puckett is uniquely prepared to communicate the compelling truth that drives your brand. We’ve spent nearly four decades helping brands construct the real product strengths and genuine customer experiences that nourish effective brands. Innovations in digital marketing technologies give us more ways than ever to express your brand to the world.

About Us

We Turn Marketing Budgets Into
Reputation and Revenue

Which, not incidentally, is exactly what you
should expect from a well-tuned brand.

Thomas Puckett is a deeply experienced marketing communications micro-agency serving some of the best brands in gaming, healthcare, real estate, technology, and government.

“From full-time marketing support to one-off projects, they are the perfect partner for any marketing organization. Not only are they highly professional, responsive, and willing to provide as much or as little support as needed, they are incredibly innovative, creative and insightful, always keeping their finger on the pulse of the industry to provide the most relevant and impactful marketing campaigns. They are, and always will be, my go-to agency.”

Lauren Coombs
Senior Marketing Manager, Gaming Division
Scientific Games

We are comprised of a single team of talented people who are as kind and forthright as they are brilliant and responsive. There is no B team. This is an inspiring habitat for top performers who have mastered their marketing disciplines.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Thomas Puckett Advertising for more than 20 years. In many ways, they have become an extension of the marketing department at Comprehensive Cancer Centers. The agency is attentive, innovative and strategic, and I appreciate their ingenuity in bringing new ideas for consideration. It is evident they have a deep understanding and connection to the mission of Comprehensive and it shows in their work and dedication to the account. We are grateful for their partnership.”

Lisa K. Santwer
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Comprehensive Cancer Centers

For some of our clients, we are a collaborative extension of their in-house marketing teams. For others, we are a complete, outsourced marketing team. For all, we are a trusted partner that shines on a strategic level and delivers tactically.

“These are bright, good people who make complicated work look easy. Their ability to perfectly define a strong, marketable brand position for a master planned community, and consistently create exciting new work within that framework year after year, has been a great asset for us. I’m proud of the work we’ve done together.”

John A. Ritter
Chairman & CEO
Focus Property Group

We are based in Las Vegas, NV, US. Most of us are here, but we’ve been operating virtually/remotely for nearly two decades. No office, no hours, no wasted motion. We are a band of brothers and sisters who have earned each other’s trust.

“Thomas Puckett has been instrumental in helping us communicate the benefits of technically sophisticated and complex products to our customers for many years. Their eagerness to learn about our new products, and their ability to create clarity and purpose in our advertising, is a great asset. They are smart, direct, proactive and a pleasure to work with. My Thomas Puckett people are very much a part of our marketing team at JCM.”

Teri Abou
Marketing & Communications Manager
JCM Global

Our Science of Creativity tagline is our brand truth and promise. We do on-point creative expression for specifically calculated reasons. It doesn’t matter if it’s a program ad or a full-fledged, integrated media campaign: the water comes from the same well.

“Thomas Puckett is our preferred partner for the most complex marketing challenges. Their ability to marry the hard facts – statistical trends, data and financial impacts – to the intangibles that lie beneath consumer behavior is always fascinating to witness. And then their incredible creative talents bring it together in a way that immediately relates to the consumer, changes perception and brings about sales. They simply are brilliant.”

Lynn Purdue
Purdue Marion & Associates

“They have always delivered the right balance of listening to my needs, researching the competitive environment and delivering a spot on solution. They accommodated all size budgets and crazy delivery schedules but never compromised on creative. I always wanted to hear what Tom Puckett had to say when it came to how to tell our story. He is the guru of brand development and a champion of staying true to the core tenets of the brand.”

Tom Nieman
Former VP Marketing, JCM Global
Principal, Apollo Gaming Group


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