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Buy the Eggs.


Manage Costs and Maintain Control While Smart-Sizing Staff

The new normal isn’t new to us.

The Covid-19 crisis has cast a harsh light on business as usual, particularly when it comes to marketing. Never has it been more apparent how costly it is to maintain in-house expertise in all the marketing disciplines. The notion of paying for the constant presence of a person when only a fraction of their time and expertise is needed just doesn’t make sense to a lot of companies anymore.

Frankly, it hasn’t made sense to us for a long time. We’ve been perfecting virtual collaboration among talented marketing peers for nearly two decades – over half of our history. Our core leadership and every one of our trusted collaborators runs their own enterprise with the pride and commitment that can only come from owning their responsibilities.

We followed the traditional staffing path in the beginning, but we finally learned that for our enterprise, it is much more productive and rewarding to be someone’s valued client than their boss. The effectiveness we built by focusing on our work together rather than fretting about our office culture is truly eye-opening. We’ll never go back. You might not, either.


Outsource Capabilities

We offer a wealth of experience from marketing practitioners in Gaming, Hospitality, Real Estate Development, Healthcare, Technology, Finance and other industries.

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO)/VP Marketing

Marketing Directors

Creative Directors/Copywriters/Art Directors/Concept Teams

Media Directors/Buyers/Planners

Design Directors/Graphic Artists

Digital Design Directors/Designers/Analysts

Video Producers/Directors/Editors/Creators

Public Relations Directors/Media Relations Specialists

Social Media Directors/Content Creators/Analysts

All of our experts and specialists are backed by the marketing expertise of Thomas Puckett.

And all of them are good eggs.


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