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#WintheCensus, Nevada!

It’s not about our obligation to participate – it’s about our right to be heard. #Census2020- figures will inform decisions on the federal funding we receive to help our local economy build back up as we manage the impact of COVID-19. #WintheCensus, Nevada! Let’s get our fair share.

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How to get unlimited coffee for $8.99 as Panera Bread introduces Netflix style subscription

Process differentiation can be the key to gaining market share for products that have become commodified. Here’s an interesting attempt to create a process distinction that will not only sell more coffee, but add foot traffic and incremental food sales as well. Increased brand loyalty is the result.

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It’s great to see this happening here in Nevada…

Social Buzz: Why isn’t social media marketing as much fun as it used to be?

Consumer brands: Social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to win hearts with humanizing personality. If you’re not having fun with your social media posts, your customers probably aren’t, either. Turns out direct, over-earnest consumer advertising online works no better than it does in traditional media.

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The advertising industry has a problem. People hate ads.

People don’t hate advertising, they hate being pestered by ads that are meaningless to them. Fortunately, we all have more say than ever when it comes to choosing the advertising that reaches us. Conversely, marketers have more ways than ever to reach the right people. If you want customers to listen to your brand, start by listening – in a systematic, unbiased manner –  to your customers.


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New Work

JC Penney mea culpa: smart or another nail in the coffin?

Two Las Vegas Communities in Top Six Nationally

We are proud to be part of the team that has helped two Las Vegas master plans rank among the nation’s fastest-selling communities. Mountain’s Edge is in at #5 and Providence at #6 . “It’s notable that Focus Property Group has been able to keep Mountain’s Edge and Providence in the top 10 fastest-selling communities in the country throughout the Great Recession despite those projects being located in the epicenter of the housing crisis,” said Gadi Kaufman, managing director and chief executive officer of RCLCO (formerly Robert Charles Lesser and Co.). “It’s a remarkable accomplishment,” he added.

Word to the wise: never bet against Vegas. The Great Recession is making us work harder and smarter, but we’re still getting it done.

Turn Information Into Knowledge

Google Analytics is a fantastic deductive tool, but beyond the obvious benefit of giving us rich web site visitor data, GA can reveal fruitful directions for more comprehensive market research. With all the versatile, relatively inexpensive online research tools that are now in the market, there are virtually no barriers to the knowledge marketers can attain to focus their brand communications.

Branding ‘Brave’: The Cultural Capital of Princesses

So much of marketing is about appealing to individual aspirations, conscious or not. We don’t just buy what suits us, we buy what promises to bring us closer to becoming the idealized self formed by our subconscious aspirations. Little girls and princesses make an illuminating example because the desire is so overt and unabashed. We get better at looking like we don’t care as we grow older, but lots of us still subconsciously aspire to the archetypes of our childhoods: the beautiful princess, the dragon slayer, the war hero.

Whether you love or despise the whole princess paradigm, popular culture would seem to indicate it is alive and well and still selling movies for Disney and Pixar.

Branding ‘Brave’: The Cultural Capital of Princesses